Vikrant Shukla

Business Solution Architect | Adobe

Vikrant Shukla, CSPO®, is currently a Business Solution Architect in (Magento) Adobe. He has been working with the Magento platform since its beta version back in 2007, building stores for clients at Magento SI Partners. Vikrant is a Certified Magento Solution Specialist and AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate. He started his own Magento Agency back in 2015 which got acquired in 2018. Vikrant has been a Solution Architect for companies that are under Fortune 100. He has over 13 years of experience in technology, programming, mentoring, and delivering successful Enterprise Magento Projects. Outside of work, he loves speaking at Global Magento Conferences. Vikrant is a proud father, keen learner, and loves spending time with his pets. He is also called #Supermageman in the Magento Community.