Rameshwar Vyas

CEO | Ranosys

With 20+ years of experience in several industry verticals and Masters of Technology in Software Engineering from the National University of Singapore, Rameshwar founded Ranosys in 2008. He is strong believer in Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) and brings his experience and expertise to the table in raising the bar for innovation, technical direction, business process re-engineering and overall relationship building with associates, clients, vendors as well as his team members. Carrying a vision to create a large company that serves dream-big people, and provides solutions to those who explore newer possibilities in IT, this founder-led-CEO has travelled good in the journey so far.

RV, as everyone calls him, is the true leader who can bring about the best in his team. He believes in pushing the limits, doing bigger things and continuously looking for out-of-the-box ideas in doing things better than before. Talk to him and you will feel the energy and positivity being passed on too, and you will not want to miss any chance staying connected to him. He is passionate about industry happenings, latest on the economic arena as well as tech-gadgets, and loves to meet people and travel the globe.